Anja Zurbrügg Photography

I love Pizza Margherita.

Yes. Pizza Margherita. I order it over and over again. No additional toppings. Just pure and simple as it is. This might sound boring for some people. For me every dab of sweet tomato sauce and every bite of crispy dough is pure happiness.

I decided to live life in its purest form possible. Since then I haven’t needed anymore fancy toppings or decorations to make it look good. I fill my life with adventures, emotions and pleasure. Simply focusing on what really matters in life.

That’s what I do as a photographer as well: Focusing the camera on what really matters:

· pure emotions

· real stories

· meaningful moments

Besides being a passionate photographer I travel the world and love spending my time with good books. Or of course sharing a Pizza Margherita with my friends and family.

This is me. Anja.

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